6 Effective ways to get Real instagram followers


6 Effective ways to get Real Instagram followers

Instagram becomes very popular these days people get addict to it like facebook almost every smartphone user have Instagram on their phone. it is a great photo sharing an application that allows people to share photo either publically or privately. So today I am sharing the tips to increase your Instagram followers very quickly. if you want some cool Instagram names you can check out our post.

And, I am not talking about fake follower.

you can get fake Instagram followers but they are waste.

if you want real people to follow you then you have to follow these six tips.

so let’s jump to the tip number one.

#1 connect it to facebook:

Yes, it really works. According to many popular digital marketers connecting your facebook account to your Instagram account can increase your Instagram followers by 20%. Because if you connect your Facebook account to your install your facebook friends can easily find you on Instagram and follow you.

#2 See what is Trending:

Always check what is trending on the internet and social media if you post the trending stories and pictures there are more chances that people will share it and like it. The more reach your stories have the more follower you have. The best place to find out the trending things is news channel and websites and you can also check on google trends for what is trending on the internet.

#3 Popular #HASHTAGS:

So what are hashtags you may notice people while posting on Instagram and Facebook and other social media use the #like4like this kind of tags for their stories and pictures. Thier are many popular hashtags that you can use to increase your Reach #like4like, #follow4follow. So the reason behind these tags is if you tag your stories using them then when a person search for that on Instagram or Facebook search they will find your post in the search result which can increase your visibility.

#4 Like And Follow others:

There is no harm in following random people on Instagram. if you follow someone on Instagram randomly by searching by name then there is strong possibility that the person will also check your profile and if he like what he sees on your profile then he will follow you back. this will increase your Instagram followers in very less time.

#5 Coupons And Discounts:

if you are running any business page on  Instagram then this will be the best option for you. Start giving discount coupons to your followers. you can also start a giveaway contest in which you will ask your followers to answer the simple question about your page and the winner will get the prize. this will help in boost your Instagram followers.

#6 Get Most Out Of BIO:

Bio is the first impression the first thing anyone would see in your profile. so choose the perfect bio that can describe your personality if you are a person you can also check these stylish names for facebook profile and use it in your Instagram and if you are running a page then your bio must include the link to your website and blog. so that people your website would get traffic from your Instagram.


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