How to instantly convert WhatsApp voice to text messages.


How to instantly convert WhatsApp voice to text messages.

Howdy guys, Have you ever been in a situation where you received a voice message But you don’t want to listen to it and you said to your friend for typing it in the text.if yes then this trick  How to convert WhatsApp voice to text message is for you. Many times we stuck in a situation when someone sends us the Voice message and we are on a place where we cant listen to voice message because its very embarrassing to playing an audio message in our office or while taking the lecture in college.

The thing that I like most about this trick:

It is very useful for a deaf person

Yes, this is the only reason that I think these apps deserve ten out of ten.

Let’s assume you are a deaf and someone on WhatsApp
sent you an audio message or a video lecture or anything in the audio format and you are not able to listen to that but you can translate WhatsApp voice message into text and read it as a text message.


I am also using it for converting my videos lectures to text and I am using this app for transcribing youtube videos into text. it is a very good SEO strategy for youtube you can add transcription to your youtube videos description and it will help your youtube videos to rank in a google search.

So, here we explained some WhatsApp voice to text app we have listed apps for android as well as ios users. Yes, you can use it with your iPhone by downloading the app from apple app store.

How to convert audio file to text in android

If your smartphone is running on android then you can use Transcriber for WhatsApp after trying all the application for myself I found transcriber to be best of them. You can find this amazing app on google play store and you can use it.I will explain you step by step procedure to download and installation process and how to use it.

Note- I tried this method on my xiaomi redmi 4 running on miui 8.02 beta version and it is working fine on it.

  • First of all, you have to download this app in your android phone .just click on the link below and download the app in your phone.
    [appbox googleplay it.mirko.transcriber ]
  • Now click on install button and this will install on your phone after installing open the app.
  • You will find the language option Transcriber for WhatsApp allow you to convert many languages like English, Hindi, French and German etc to convert from audio to text easily.just select the language you want and click on done.

whatsapp speech to text


whatsapp speech to text

  • Now go to your WhatsApp messenger and long press on the audio message you received.

whatsapp speech to text

  • Click on the Share button and share it to transcribe for WhatsApp app.whatsapp speech to text
  • It will show you the transcription by converting  WhatsApp voice message.whatsapp speech to text

So, this is the transcriber app for WhatsApp this is only available on android now if you are an iPhone user there is a similar app available on AppStore free of cost lets discuss it.

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How to convert Whatsapp voice messages to text in iPhone.

This app is created by Mattia capucci. Audio to Text for WhatsApp app is available on it supports more than 50 languages it is compatible with all ios versions and you can use it with WhatsApp, telegram, line, and voice.

Note-I have tried this method on my iPhone 7 running on ios 11 and it is working fine for me.

  • First of all, go to the Apple app store and download this app click on the below link to download it.
    [appbox googleplay com.supergianlu.audiototextforwhatsapp]
    whatsapp voice to text
  • Now install it on your phone and open the app it will ask for permission to access speech recognition click ok and give it permission.whatsapp voice to text app
  • Just click and hold the voice message you want to transcribe and click on forward. Now you will see an option to share.
    Forward message and share transcribe
  • Share it with the Audio to Text for WhatsApp and it will convent audio message into text.iphone voice to text convert

Wrapping it up:

So today I discuss apps for translating  WhatsApp voice to text messages. These apps help us when we are having a conversation with our loved ones or any friend and we are in the situation where we cant listen to an audio. I used this app when I am chatting with my friends and I am in my office  or if I am in a meeting . tell me in comments where you can use these apps for converting WhatsApp voice to text messages.i have also shared trick to crash your friends WhatsApp by sending unlimited message you can also check it out.

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