Have a website but not getting views on it?

No problem,

I have a solution for it.

Jingling traffic software / bot

So what is jingling traffic bot software?

It is free Auto traffic generator bot software which can send free bot traffic to your website. It generates thousands of traffic to the targeted blog.

It is first developed in China but now its alternative jingling software bot in English is is a java app used to generate bot traffic on any blog or website.

This software is paid you have to buy it from its official site.

But here at rapidtopic I have listed this free for you guys.

#1 Jingling Traffic bot Software V 4.0.2 Chinese version.

Jingling software Chinese version is the official version v 4.0.2 if you want this you can download it for free:

jingling software

#2 Jingling Traffic software English version:

This is the English version of the app you can download it from the below link.

So you might have many questions in your mind lets discuss them.

jingling traffic software

 jingling traffic bot


  1. Why should I use jingling traffic software?

It will help you to send bot traffic to your blog and will increase your Alexa ranking.

If you are using CPM based ads you can earn good amount from this.

It will help you in getting youtube views.

  1. How can I use this traffic spirit software?

Just extract the RAR and enter a password after that add your website/blog link or your youtube video link and change the settings accordingly.

  1. Is it SAFE for ADSENSE?

No, it is not safe as Google is smarter and it will detect the bot traffic in minutes and ban your Adsense. So please do not use it or your website if you are on Adsense. If you want to get traffic on Adsense enable site you can use any link exchanger they will help you get traffic and money.

Over to you now:

Now it up to you if you want to use this jingling traffic bot software or not.if you have any query regarding this you can ask in the comments.

Leave a response it is valuable to us.

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