10 Cool Google Tricks That Nobody Knows About.


10 Cool Google Tricks That Nobody Knows About.

Every time you open google to search for something But Apart from this google has some hidden cool google tricks which you can use to impress your friends and family. So today I am gonna show you these amazing google tricks.

So keep reading this article.

Hidden Cool google tricks List

So let’s jump to our first google trick:

#1. Do a barrel roll

It is just a cool google trick. You just need to type Do a barrel roll on the Google homepage and your screen will start rolling like the image below.


do a barrell

#2 Google sphere

Google sphere is a google gravity trick just go to the below link and see the magic trick. As you move the cursor everything start moving and it makes a sphere. This trick is really awesome give it a try.


google sphere

#3 Google Gravity

It’s a great trick to impress anyone. Just see how it feel without gravity just go to the link below and as you move cursor everything will break and go to the bottom.


google gravity trick

#4 Google Mirror

Just see how Google will look if you look it in a mirror. Everything will look opposite or upside down. Open the below link and search anything and see if you understand the opposite.

It’s just amazing.


cool google tricks

#5 Fidget spinner

Remember Fidget Spinner it is the biggest timepass toy it goes viral in 2017 and still available in the market. But you don’t need to buy a spinner Now you can use google’s spinner just type fidget spinner and a spinner will appear just click on it and it starts spinning.

fidget spinner trick hidden

#6 Google Askew or tilt

This is one of the cool Google tricks just type “Askew” on the google and it will Tilt a bit and it feels like that your screen is tilted. It is cool trick must give it try.
google tilt trick

#7 Google Underwater Search

It is one of the cool Google tricks just go the below link and you will see fish, sharks, and water on your google. This is one of my favorite tricks give it try.


underwater google


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#8, Zerg Rush

Zerg rush is more like a game when you are feeling bored in your office or school. You can play this amazing game. Just type “Zerg Rush” on the search bar and some Rings will start falling on the screen and you have to kill them by clicking on them otherwise they will start eating your search results.

zerg rush google game


#9. Flip a Coin

Now you don’t have to look for a coin for toss just google this “Flip a Coin” and it will start flipping a coin and give you heads or tails. This trick
flip a coin trick

#10 Roll a Die.

Playing Ludo and your die is missed don’t worry google will solve your problem just go the homepage of google and type “Roll a Die” similar to flip a coin it will start rolling and show you the result.

roll a die google trick

Wrap up:

Today I show you some cool google tricks and these tricks and hidden on google. I hope you like all these google magic tricks and try them. If you like these tricks then show it to your friends and family and amaze them.

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