Psychedelic wallpaper and trippy wallpapers for desktop and iPhone.

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 Psychedelic wallpaper and trippy wallpapers for desktop and iPhone.

Hey guys, Do you wanna some awesome psychedelic wallpaper and trippy wallpaper for your desktop, Android phone or your iPhone. Then you are on the right destination. Here today I am sharing with you the best and most popular psychedelic image and trippy background.

These trippy wallpaper are available in all resolutions it can be easily fit your desktop to your laptop and your iPhone. Nowadays psychedelic wallpaper and trippy wallpapers are very popular among iPhone users as it will give a different fashionable look to the iPhone. You can make your iPhone very attractive by this trippy wallpapers for iPhone or Android.

So what are these trippy and psychedelic wallpapers are?

I think you are not familiar with the term psychedelic wallpaper. According to Wikipedia. Psychedelic art is an artor visual display inspired by psychedelic experiences and hallucinations known to follow the ingestion of psychoactive drugs such as LSD and psilocybin.

I really don’t understand what Wikipedia is trying to explain.


Let me explain In simple words.

Psychedelic wallpaper and trippy wallpaper are the wallpaper that has optical illusion which is of haphazard pattern they seem to be moving whenever you saw then .they have a complex design and pattern that you cannot understand easily.

Features of a psychedelic wallpaper and trippy backgrounds:

First of all, we have to discuss somewhat are the features that make psychedelic wallpaper different from other wallpapers.

So here is the list of features :

1.They have a very creative design which is not easy to understand.

2.They seem to have motion. When you saw them they look like moving.

3.They have some 3d trippy backgrounds which are really cool.

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Effects of watching psychedelic image for a long time.

Psychedelic wallpaper is very creative design but you cant see them for a long time. If you see one of these trippy wallpaper for a long time. You will start feeling fizzy and lazy .your eyes starts paining because the psychedelic wallpaper seems to be moving when you saw them.

Let’s check out the best psychedelic wallpaper for android and desktop and for iPhone

psychedelic wallpaper

HD psycedelic wallpaper

crazy psychedelic wallpapers




How to download these “trippy wallpapers”:

This is very simple tutorial just click on the psychedelic wallpaper you want to download now the image will become big and open in full size. Now if you are downloading psychedelic wallpaper from android. Then long press and save the image file in your Android or iPhone. But if you are a desktop user “right click ” on the image you like and click “save as image ” option and you can use it on your desktop.


So I hope you like these amazing psychedelic backgrounds and trippy images for your desktop and for your android phone.

All these wallpaper are of good quality available here and you might not face any issue regarding the resolution of the trippy HD backgrounds. I will update this list time to time to provide you the best and latest “trippy wallpapers for Android and iPhone” at this one place.

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