5 creative ways to make money online


 5 creative ways to make money.


Do you want to make money online?

If yes then this article is for you  , We all want to make money online but everybody didn’t get success in making money online. Today we will discuss 5 creative ways to make money by following one of these given ways to make extra money you can earn millions.

There is no limit to how much we can earn and the time it will take only depends on our efforts, dedication and our smart work.


Why do people fail to make money online?

The biggest and the most common reason that I have seen is that we did not focus on one idea at a time.  So if you want to get success  then just “focus on only one idea at a time.” And give your best to turn that idea into reality.


So let’s start our discussion.

 5 Creative ways to make money

  • Creating a Blog

This is my favorite method that I am doing right now. If you are passionate about writing. Then this method is the best way to get money just create a blog with WordPress and start your blog.


5 creative ways to make money

In blogging,  you have to be very patient in the beginning but after some time you will start getting visitors and by using this method you can earn unlimited.



  • By Selling online

let’s discuss next creative ways to make money If you are not a  technical guy and don’t  have interest in writing and you want to start your own part-time business and want to earn money online. You can earn by selling online on Amazon, Flipkart, and snapdeal.

5 creative ways to make money


If you have some unique product, that is needed in the market you can sell it in any marketplace or you can create your website and make it a brand.There are many companies and seller out there who are earning a decent amount of money by selling online like cloudtail.



Do you have any hidden talent that you want to share with everyone then youtube is the best platform for you? this method is very popular these days everyone is trying there best to become youtube star.

5 creative ways to make money


The uniqueness of content and Continuity is the only two factors by following which you can get success and become famous on youtube. If 1000 people view your video on which the ads are displayed you will get approx. $1

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  • Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the best way to get money without investment. In this, you just have to promote products of amazon Flipkart and any website that’s running the affiliate program.


5 creative ways to make money


You just have to create an account as an affiliate on the website after that choose a product that you want to promote there are various free and paid method out there to promote an affiliate link if someone buys a product by clicking through your link then you will get a commission of up to 10%. These creative ways to make money is very effective if you combine it with youtube bloging etc.


  • Become a freelancer

You can become a freelancer and earn in dollars. If you are a working professional and want to make some extra income. Then you can use your skills like web developing, graphics designing and typing etc.


5 creative ways to make money

Then you can go to these websites freelancer, upwork, and fiver. people will send your proposal or you can apply for a project.you can earn $500 per month just by doing typing work.

  • Conclusion:

so, at last,

if you want to earn money online then these are the creative ways to make money which you can try.

Just decide which is best for you? And start working on it with full concentration and focus on these  creative ways to make money

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