Best virtual credit card free app for bloggers


Best free virtual credit card app for bloggers.

Hi guys, I am here with a new post on a virtual credit card if you are an active internet user, you must at least heard about the virtual credit card free if yes then it is easy for you to understand this.

I use virtual card first time when I bought hosting and domain for my this blog because I had no other option all my cards are declined on international website of a hosting company

This is the very common problem that everyone face I also face this problem and after researching and asking all my genius friends I found some apps and website that will help you to pay on an international website of advertising and hosting.

So we start from the beginning first question that arises in our mind is “what is the virtual credit card” and “why we need the virtual credit card” so let’s go…

What is the virtual credit card and why it needed?

it is an online service which helps us create a debit or credit card online and pay on any website without using our original bank details .it has the time limit in some cases after that it will expire and it also has a prepaid limit.


it is the safest option in some cases when you are buying something or making an international transaction because many websites process the transaction without an “otp”  or if you have rupay card or you don’t have rights to make an international transaction. Then you must read this article.

Here are the apps for creating virtual credit card free:


Kotak 811 & mobile banking:

it is a mobile app of Kotak Mahindra Bank. you can open Kotak saving account by downloading and providing the adahar no, PAN no and other details. Let’s take look at some features of  Kotak 811 & mobile banking


  • Interest up to 6% p.a.
  • Free online money transfer(IMPS, NEFT, RTGS)
  • Free Virtual credit card for international payments
  • Make international payments with rupay cards also
  • Maximum account limit 1 lakh



If you want to link you any other bank account with this you can do it easily just by adding your bank details and it is totally safe and secure.

Steps to use the Kotak app:

  1. Just go to the link Kotak 811 & mobile banking.



virtual credit card
virtual credit card apps


  1. Download the app from play store and open the app after downloading.



3.Click on “Get started now”

virtual credit card free
kotak 811


  1. Enter your details. like Name and mobile no. should be linked to your bank account.
virtual credit card free
  1. After that verify your adahar no. and PAN no. and set an m-pin.

virtual credit card free

  1. and your kotak  virtual credit card  is ready to use.


Pockets-by icici

it is a very simple and easy to use the app by icici . which can give you a virtual credit card. It has many running offers in it for a movie and other cashback. you can use it to pay bills and make the online transfer as well. Let’s check out its features


  • Rs20000per month limit and 5000 per month
  • Domestic virtual credit card
  • Apply for loan from the app
  • Free online money transfer
  • Daily new movies voucher and cashback.

Steps to setup your virtual card with pockets-by icici.

  1. At First download the app from play store pockets-by icici.

    virtual credit card
    pockets by icici
  2. Then verify your mobile no. and enter your other details.

    virtual credit card free
  3. And link your bank account to it and add money to it using net banking or debit /credit card
  4. Then your virtual credit card is ready you can use it on any domestic site.



So according to your needs, you can decide which card is suitable for you and buy easily anything from virtual credit card free .and if you have other question related to a virtual credit card for international payments then you can ask freely in the comment.


  1. Really amazing post that you have shared. I have tried several alternative options but PayPal doesn’t accept. Thanks for this kind of information.


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