How To Center Your Instagram Bio or Skip Lines in Bio Easily


How to center your Instagram bio: Instagram is one of the most popular social networks Almost ten out of seven smartphone user have Instagram on their phone and with increasing number of  Instagram users everyone wants their profile to look unique and catchy. Most of the Instagram users use classy Instagram names to make their profile catchy.

You just saw some of the users have spaces and line break in their insta bio but if you tried to add this spaces or skip a line and it was not working. Then here I have a trick for you by which you can easily add spaces between let’s jump to the step by step guide on how to Put spaces in the Instagram bio.

how to center your instagram bio

How to skip lines in Instagram bio Easily.

Adding spaces to the bio is not a hard task you can easily do it with just blank space copy and paste so let move to steps.

  • First of all, open the Instagram app on your phone and log in your profile.
  • Go to “Profile” and click on “Edit Profile”.
  • Go to the Bio on your profile.
  • Now copy the spaces between this >>               << arrow and paste it into the text line of bio.
  • if it not centered correctly you can use spaces to center it.

So this trick will help you in designing your Instagram bio as you want you to want and will make your Instagram profile looks catchy and people will start following you.

How to center Instagram bio using notepad.

This is the simplest method to put spaces in the Instagram using notepad. Let’s discuss the step by step guide to how to center Instagram bio.

  • First of all open Instagram app on your phone and go to the profile section and click on “Edit profile”.
  • Go to the bio section.
  • Now open the notepad on your mobile and type the bio and add spaces as you want and position your bio.
  • “Copy and paste” the bio from notepad to bio section.

And save the bio it will add spaces to your bio.
add spaces in bio instagram add spaces in bio instagram

Center or Stagger which one is good?

Well, it totally depends on you and your bio.staggerd bio work for three or four clean statements. however, they don’t work when you try to highlight contact information.

Wrapping up:

Sometimes it is good without having a centered bio because it has some disadvantages.Bio has a limit of 160 character and spaces count toward that limit. You can try and test this method to center your Instagram bio.

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