2500+ WhatsApp Group Invite Links Collection


Group Links are in trending nowadays. You can simply join any group using WhatsApp Group Invite Links feature. This feature is available for all users at free of cost. Anybody who owns a WhatsApp Group or is the admin of any group can create Invite link. Because of this amazing feature, now, you can join hundreds of your favourite groups in a single click.

WhatsApp Group Invite Links are the easiest way to join any Group without the help of any Admin. As we all have added in many groups with our friends or family. Some people like to get added to lots of groups to have some fun. But, where to find such WhatsApp Group Links? No need to worry, we are going to solve this issue for you. In this article, we are going to share Adult WhatsApp Groups Link collection you are looking for. You will get all kind of Groups in our collection. If you don’t want to check the full list, you can direct scroll to your desired category and click on the group link you want to join.

This amazing chatting app called “WhatsApp” is getting popular every day and everyone have installed it on their phone. it is a messenger used for easy to communicate with your friends and family. But it becomes the favourite time pass for people. From a student to a  housewife or an office going man, everyone spent there most of the time using WhatsApp. What they do is reading funny messages, jokes, news, etc. from WhatsApp Groups. So today if you are not in a group you can join a group of WhatsApp. We will provide you with the WhatsApp Group Invite Links list by which you can easily join any link as per your requirements.

If you recently installed WhatsApp on your phone and do not have any WhatsApp Group collection.  you can use our link and join any group without the need of asking an admin. If you need any particular news or any notification like you are preparing for govt. exams and I know it is tough to check all jobs it takes time. So you can join our govt. job group will send the notification for every govt job notification on your WhatsApp Group. It all depends on you which WhatsApp group link you want to join. We also have some adult groups and dating WhatsApp Groups where you can meet new people and make friends or get the latest collection of WhatsApp messages jokes on your WhatsApp. You can also check out the trick on how to hang friends WhatsApp.

Latest 2500+ WhatsApp Group Invite Link Collection 2020

Many sites have shared WhatsApp Group Invite Link on their website but most of those links got revoked or maybe groups got full. Nor they are adding new groups to their collection neither removing revoked links. That’s why their readers get irritated by their service. So, we have decided to provide you Updated WhatsApp Group Links collection of 2020. If we find any group link which is revoked or got full, we will remove it as per your request. You can comment below the name of a group and in which category it is added, we will remove it on your request.

whatsapp group invite link

Before launching this feature of invite link by WhatsApp developers it is tough to join a WhatsApp group. We have to request the admin to add us or add someone to the group. But this WhatsApp invite link feature makes it very easy for anyone to join any group of WhatsApp by WhatsApp invite link.  So today we will share the list of 2500+ WhatsApp group collection all group is from different topics and niche like for movie lovers there is a group you can join in which you get all the latest movie download links. For cricket lovers, there is a group where you get updates and schedules of the match. So I just want to say there is a group for everyone.

Well, I researched a lot for finding this best WhatsApp group list because it is very tough to find out a group of every topic. The groups you get on their websites are mostly full and no space for anyone to join that’s the way their joining link is not working. But on Rapid Topic, we are updating this list regularly. You can also help us in updating this list and helping people if you are in a group which is useful and you want it to share you can mail us we will add your group in this link. I know most of us not know how to join WhatsApp group by invite link.  and how to create and share WhatsApp group invite link. let’s start with the very beginning.

Let us start over the first category of WhatsApp Group Link Collections if you have any new category that you want to add or any active group you can tell us in the comment we will add your group in the list.

1. Jobs Updates Group Link For WhatsApp

Almost everyone in India tries for govt. jobs these days and prepare for the exam. But it is tough to get updated with the new vacancies. We need to read newspaper And search on google to find the new updates. So these group will make it easy for you and provide daily updates on govt jobs and previous papers etc. it is very helpful for those preparing for govt. job.

Jobs WhatsApp Groups

These groups are for all those who want to get latest updated & news related to Jobs. You can join your desired stream Job group from this list. We will keep adding new groups in this collection after a short interval of time. If you have also any group related to the same category, you can comment down its link in the comment section. We will add it in our next update.

2. American USA WhatsApp Group Invite Link

American and USA group are groups of all people from the USA all are foreigners you can join and friendship with them. You can use this group to promote your affiliate products in the USA. You can also use these group to learn English from native USA speakers.

America USA WhatsApp Groups Links

If you love to make out of country friends, these groups can help you in making American friends. We have American readers too who shared these group links with us. Actually, many people think from where we got these groups of USA, so I answered. :-p Now, it is your time to make some friend from a different country with American WhatsApp Group Invite Links list.

3. Movies WhatsApp Group Invite Link

Movie WhatsApp group link is most popular these days because people want to download the latest movies from the day it released and end up visiting a website filled with ads and fake downloading link. so now you don’t need to waste time to search for the downloading links.

Are you fond of music? If yes then these groups are for you. You can easily join these groups just by a single click on the link. In these groups, people share upcoming movie updates and download links to the movies. So, you can also contribute some Movies in these groups and get something interesting in return by other members.

4. English Speaking WhatsApp Groups

Whatsapp link for English speaking groups is for those who want to learn and practice their speaking skills with the others. This is very simple saying in English that “The more you speak the more will learn”. So if you want to learn English from basic you can join 2-3 groups and chat there regularly.

English Spoken WhatsApp Group

If you are not good at speaking English then you should join these groups. These are especially for you only. You will get a lot of help in learning English by experts in these groups. All the members in such groups are those who also want to speak English fluently. So, you should join these groups before they get filled.

5. Malayalam WhatsApp Groups Link

Malayalam WhatsApp group link collection if you want a group that speaks and chats in Malayalam here is the perfect list for you that you can join give it a try. Many people want to learn Malayalam or want to get added to such language groups. If you are one of those then below given links are for you.

Malayalam WhatsApp Group Links

We hope you liked these groups. All of the listed links are of Malayan WhatsApp Groups. If you also have any group related to this category, you can share it in the comment section. We will add your group link in this list when we update our article next time. By this way, you can gain more group members easily.

6. Adult WhatsApp Group Invite Links (18+ WhatsApp Group Link)

Well everyone has some friends that send a WhatsApp message to all. Where did they get these messages from? They are definitely in an 18+ WhatsApp Groups where people send funny adult jokes, images and videos regularly.so you want to be a part of this group the best part of it no one knows you in the group. I mean there is no tension of relative and friends just join these groups and enjoy. We are sharing some Adult WhatsApp Group Invite Links in the below list for you.

Adult WhatsApp Group Invite Links

7. Cricket WhatsApp Groups Invite Link

Who doesn’t like cricket in India? Almost everyone in India watches cricket and play cricket. So if you want to get updates on schedule and players predictions you can join this group. you will get the updates before every match and live scores of the match. Don’t be late because the cricket group is filling very fast and gets full. So here is the perfect list for you to join.

Cricket WhatsApp Groups Link

If you are a die-hard cricket lover then these groups are for you. You will be going to receive all the latest updated related to Cricket in these groups. All these groups are related to India so you will only get news related to Indian Cricket Team. Also, there are many groups which are related to a specific player. If you are a fan of any Indian Player, you can join his fans group from the list.

8. Mechanical Engineering Group Link List

Are you a mechanical engineer or pursuing mechanical engineering. Then you are in the right place just join the group and learn the concepts of mechanical engineering or ask questions about mechanical engineering and clear your doubts.

Engineering WhatsApp Group Links

9. Loot Deals and Tricks WhatsApp Group Link

Get updated with latest offers and discount coupons on the internet on your WhatsApp regularly. Now you don’t need to search on the internet for discount coupons and the latest deals all this will gets in your WhatsApp group. You can also enjoy some exclusive deals that are only available on these group members.

Loot & Deals WhatsApp Groups

If you like to get Loot Offers & Deals by shopping sites then these groups will surely help you. In these all groups, people share Offers which are working at the time, by this, you can easily Loot your desired website. In the festival season, people share lots of lightning deals. You will surely get the benefit of getting added in these groups.

10. Dream 11 WhatsApp Groups Link (Trusted IPL Betting WhatsApp Groups)

Dream 11 WhatsApp group collection is very awesome if you play this game Dream 11 where you can win 5 lakhs by making your team in IPL or any match. So why do you join these groups? These groups provide team prediction for dream 11 which team will win today and which players don’t play in the match etc.

Dream 11 WhatsApp Groups

These groups are very helpful for all who want to make money through Dream 11. Many professional people make such groups and predict their Winning team in their group which help other members in creating a strong team. You can also share your prediction if you have a good knowledge of it. 😉 So, join these groups before they get filled. Also, you can find Trusted IPL Betting WhatsApp Groups Link where you can bet with other members who all are trusted.

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How to Create and Share WhatsApp Group Invite Link?

Yes, you heard it right this question arise in my mind when I first hear about WhatsApp joining link. don’t worry you don’t need to put pressure on your brain. It is a very simple process. You can do it by installing WhatsApp mod apps or by official WhatsApp. As WhatsApp officially launched this feature you can use it without installing mods. Mod apps can give you more features like changing WhatsApp theme green colour and converting voice message to text message.

  • Just follow the steps for creating the WhatsApp Group Invite Link using official WhatsApp.
  • First of all, create a WhatsApp group according to your interest and add members to it.
  • Click on the top right corner and click on the “group invite link” to create WhatsApp group invite link.
  • Now you can share this link to all the social media platforms.
  • Now if you want to join the WhatsApp group you can use the below steps.

These were a few simple steps which you have to follow in order to Create WhatsApp Group Invite Link. You can create Invite Link of your desired group by this method. When it goes out of control to stop getting new members, you can simply Revoke your invite link. After revoking, that link will not work anymore.

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How to Join WhatsApp Groups Using Invite Link?

It is very simple as well. You just need to go to the link of the group from the below collection and it will redirect you to the WhatsApp joining group page. Where you can see the image and Name of the WhatsApp group. Then you will see a button of  “join group” click on it. And you will become a participant of the group. I must recommend you guys that while joining first check the Name and DP of the group if you think it is relevant to the group you want to join only then click on the join button. Otherwise, you will end up with joining a different group that you don’t want to join and you have to left this.

We hope you have learned all from joining a group to creating and sharing a WhatsApp group. Now it is time to join your desired groups from the list shared in the above section. Our collection has everything that you want from studying to time pass. You can use it as you want it all depends on you. How you use it. Let me tell you a thing the time after publishing this article some of these groups can be full so if you get any link that is not working then don’t depress just try another and join other groups in your same topic.

So here is our list of all the WhatsApp Group Invite Links that you can join from your WhatsApp and enjoy the WhatsApp messages. If you want to add any WhatsApp Group in the list you can use the comment section and post your link here and we will add this to our list. If you find any of the above WhatsApp group link not working it may be full and no space for new members and if you find any WhatsApp group with a different name then the listed then there may be chances that group admin changed the name so don’t take tension and join the group. Don’t spam in the WhatsApp group or promote anything. Every group has different policy follow them otherwise they will remove you and ban you from the group.

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Final Words

Let us ask, have you liked our WhatsApp Group Invite Link Collection? We hope your answer is Yes. As we have worked hard and collected this awesome collection of WhatsApp Groups Invite Links. Our collection includes all types of WhatsApp Group Links 2020 which people like the most. For example, the most popular category is Adult WhatsApp Group Invite Link. We have shared almost all popular categories of groups links. If we are have missed something, feel free to tell us in the comment section. We will update our article and add your desired WhatsApp Groups in it. Let you know, we will be going to keep updating our collection so that you will never get bored with our collection.


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