Turn off/Disable avast antivirus from your computer(All versions)


How to turn off/disable avast antivirus temporarily.

Are you fed up with your pathetic antivirus that blocking your installation?

If yes, then I will help you out with this annoying situation by disabling avast.

Why did someone disable his avast antivirus?

So, many times we have faced a problem in installing software and game on your computer, or we are not able to access our favorite website because avast is blocking it. if you want to get rid of this problem, then you are on the right post, my friend.

Here is the tip for you:

If you only want to access a particular website that you trust then you can add it to the avast whitelist by going into the settings of avast antivirus.

Let us start with a guide to turning off /disable avast temporarily for some time if you want to install some software on your pc you can disable avast for 10 minutes,1hour, or until the system restarted. These methods work for all versions of Avast antivirus

Step by Step Guide :

1.Disable  Avast Antivirus { temporarily }:

Disabling avast antivirus means to turn off all the protection of avast for some time without uninstalling avast.

Whether it is a quite easy process but I will tell you from a beginner.

Step1: just go to the desktop and in the Windows taskbar click on the triangle Δ  sign and navigate to the orange color sign of avast antivirus in that menu.Now right click on the avast icon and search for “avast shields control”  and here you will find options like disable avast for 10 minutes, 1hour etc.

disable avast

Step2: The moment you click an option it will ask you for a confirmation to disable the protection. just click on “yes” and it will turn off all the shields according to your option.

disable avast

Step3: Go back to the windows taskbar and click on the triangle sign and the open avast antivirus by double-clicking on it.  If You will something like that  “All antivirus shield is off”. then congratulations your antivirus is disabled successfully.

turn off avast

2.Turn off avast from settings:

In this method, you can deactivate a specific avast shields between web shields, mail shield, file system shield, and behavior shield.

Step1: Go to the avast antivirus and open it after clicking on it click on the “components”. DISABLE AVAST ANTIVIRUS

Step2: Head over to the shield you want to deactivate /turnoff among all the shields option and click on the button .you will find the same options as the first method mentioned earlier.choose the option you want and confirm by clicking on “yes”.

disable avast

Step3: Now open your the avast antivirus and check. If you see the screen showing “Behavior Shield is now off”. Cheers, your shields are successfully deactivated.


You might be wondering:

This method above will only disable your antivirus for temporarily. After some time it will start or you can start it manually it depends on the option that you selected while disabling the antivirus program.

But if you want to uninstall it permanently from your computer then this method will not work for you.

you can uninstall avast manually by going to the control panel in “Program and features” and uninstalling it from there but sometimes it will not possible to unistall it from the control panel.

In that case, you have to follow this guide and uninstall avast by using avast utility tools. I hope by this method you will remove avast from your pc.

Final words:

 so, if you are trying to access a website then add it in as a whitelist and if you trying to install a game or software disable avast for 10 minutes or 1hour it is enough once you installed this will start to protect your pc.

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