SevenTorrent Proxy- {35+ Fastest } Proxy Mirror Sites List


SevenTorrents Proxy- {35+ Fastest } Proxy Mirror Sites List

SevenTorrent is one of the best Torrent Site for downloading latest movies in HD quality. It has a huge collection of Hollywood and Bollywood movies and almost every movie is available after two-three days of release.

Everyone know Movie piracy is illegal and because of it, SevenTorrents is Now blocked in many ISP (Internet Service Provider) As per the country rules. So you might not access 7Torrent Movies from your location. You will see this error with the SevenTorrent official site. if you try to access the official website of 7Tor form here


If you saw this error on the website then my friend this Website is Blocked by your Government because they think that this site contains pirated movies, TV shows, and Illegal software etc. if you want to find all the Torrent Website for games, movies, and software you can access all of them from a single website. check out an article on proxybunker it has a collection of proxies for all the torrent sites like 1337x, SevenTorrent Mirror, ExtraTorrent, And 123Movies etc.

So the way to bypass this and Download movies is by using SevenTorrents Proxy. Today I will share the list of Fastest SevenTorrent Proxies by using which you can access SevenTorrent and Download all the Movies, Games and Softwares.


How SevenTorrent Proxy Sites Work?

Well, it is quite simple to understand that the website is blocked in your location so you can access SevenTorrents by changing your IP location. These proxy sites change the Server location of the traffic and they serve your website from the location it’s available.

I recommend you to do not use these sites form your school and offices directly Because these sites belong to any third person and he can trace all your Cache and might hack into your system easily.

Let’s jump to the SevenTorrent Proxies List

35+ Fastest SevenTorrent Proxy List 2020

SevenTorrents Proxy/MirrorStatusSpeed
Seventrorent unlbockOFFLINEN/A
Seventorren proxy high speedOFFLINEN/A
unblock seventorrentOFFLINEN/A
SevenTorrents Proxy SiteONLINEVery Fast
Seventorrents ProxyONLINESlow
SevenTorrents New ProxyONLINEFast
SevenTorrents Proxy Mirror SiteONLINEVery Fast
Unblock SeventorrentsONLINESlow
Unblock SevenTorrents ProxyONLINENormal
SevenTorrents US ProxyONLINESlow Fast
SevenTorrents UK ProxyONLINENormal
7Torrents ProxyONLINENormal
7Torrents ProxyONLINEVery Fast
SevenTorrents MirrorONLINEFast Fast Fast Fast

So these are the list of Fastest Seventorrent Proxy list to unblock the official website. These sites are Tested by me and they are free to form any kind of Ads and Malware they just show you the clone of an official website.

Alternate Way to Access SevenTorrent (Safe way)

Yes, you can access SevenTorrent without these Proxy sites. It takes little time but it is safer and faster than this proxy website. you need to install a good Free VPN software on your computer or smartphone. You can try HOLA and Psiphon pro VPN as they are free and have very good speed.

You can also use the Hola extension for chrome in your PC. After that just select Browsing Location to USA or UK and open the 7Tor website. And it will definitely open the website.

Now you can download the movies and Tv shows you want to watch.

But be careful before downloading anything from any Torrent website.

You may end with wasting your internet Data.

It happens with me also

Once I downloaded a movie form Seven Torrent it was 2GB in Size and after downloading it was not that movie it was just a corrupted file.

So I found a solution for it do you want to know what it is?

Now I check the movie by playing it online on torrent.


How to Watch Movies without downloading in SevenTorrent?

Well, it is simpler than its sounds just go tothe website and create a Free Account on it. Now go to Seven Torrents and Find the movie you want and Copy its magnet Link and Paste it in the and Click on ADD+ Button it will load your torrent movie without consuming your data.

You can watch your Torrent Movie online without downloading or click on Download and watch it after downloading. It is a very simple method for watching 7Torrent Movies. But the only provides 2GB space in it free version so for using file more then 2gb you need to purchase the premium version of it. Still, it is a good option because you can check the trailer sample of a movie that is above 2Gb and check it before downloading it from torrent.

Wrapping it Up:

So Today I share the list of SevenTorrent Proxy Sites these sites are fastest proxy sites on the internet for SevenTorrent. I hope you find the fastest Seven torrent proxy and downloaded your movie successfully. So bookmark our article so that next time you don’t need to search for the proxy of Seventorrent. This list of mirror sites are latest we will update them regularly.

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